My hometown

My home town is in candy land ( wish I could tell y'all my REAL hometown but can't) 

and is surrounded by colured peeps. We are the ONLY Mexicans here! in my town, everyone has at least 2 dogs because strangers from other streets come and jump over the fences. On a special day we had a march on our library and screamed out

" no paper no fear, sin papeles sin mido!"

because they would not let the immigrants go to Mexico and come back. In our hometown every few days we would have a circus 

adults: 12 dollars 

children: 5 dollars

And in candy land, we have a LOT of fast foods here!, were all FAT!!!

the end.


Sup guys. For me, school started August 9 instead of August 26 like high schoolers.

Fourtunatlly I got to go to a higher grade called Early college. Its good down here but the only stress there is, is homework but that's all. I'm grounded from my dsi and still Weill be till I die or something


Summer Hobbies and Activities

For summer all I have done is swimming in my pool inviting my friends over to my house and mess around. For Monday, Thursday, and Fridays, I serve with my Priest every morning which is only like for 30 minutes. You see Im Catholic and my mom forces me to go with her to morning mass, it appears to be that I am the only teenager at this mass, other than that is just old and eadrly people. I spend most of my time reading and playing video games such as Little big planet and Super smash bros brawl. Now I am frequently practicing typing because in my new school they will be making me type alot so I better start practicing because school starts at August the 6th. But its not so bad, Im grateful for my short vacation. I needed it.